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January 2022

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Научный журнал «Региональные проблемы преобразования экономики» является одним из изданий, рекомендуемых ВАК для публикаций материалов по докторским и кандидатским диссертациям по экономике и социологии.
Журнал зарегистрирован в Федеральной службе по надзору в сфере связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации (Роскомнадзор). ПИ №ФС77-36017 от 28 апреля 2009 г.
Электронный адрес: www.rppe.ru
Журнал распространяется по подписке и в розницу во всех регионах Российской Федерации.



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We are giving the answers to the frequently asked questions to the editorial board of the Journal «Regional problems of transforming the economy».

  • I would like to send an article to your journal. Please, tell me, how long does it usually take to make a decision about a publication?

Answer: Usually, the answer to an author of a possible publication of an article is given within two weeks.

  • ·        Please, explain about the potential deadlines of publishing in your hournal. If the first time the article is being reviewed (within two weeks), gives a positive result to the possibility of publishing the article, what are the average deadlines of publishing an article? Does it depend on the section or topic of the article, the current utilization ratio, «the lineup» or are there some standard deadlines?

Answer: If the article was accepted, the time for its publication depends on all of the factors that you have listed and other factors. The average time of issuing an article in our journal is 1-2 months.

  • Is it accepted practice for the editorial board of the journal «Regional problems of transforming the economy» to inform authors of the sent in materials about the decision of the editorial board about the publishing of their articles? If so, then how much time passes until the author is informed? Or if there no feedback, and it is up to the authors themselves to  ask about that?

Answer: The established time to consider articles is two weeks. Once this period expires, the author should call himself/herself to the editorial board and ask about the fate of his article.

  • Until what time can an article be provided for the next coming issue?

Answer: Articles are accepted according to a strictly established schedule: for No.1 until February 15 of the current year, for No. 2 until May 15, for No. 3 until August 15, for No. 4 until November 15.

  • Please, tell what is the procedure used for manuscripts of applicants to be provided for publication? Is it possible to send a manuscript by e-mail?

Answer: First of all, an author sends in the article for review to the editorial board’s e-mail at rppe@mail.ru. Then the article is transferred for the first review to the editorial committee. If the review is positive, the article is included in the plan of the journal’s work.             Could you answer the following question: are there any limitations on the number of formulas (and mathematics in general) in the articles that are sent to you? Answer: There are no formal limitations. But taking into account that fact that the journal «Regional problems of transforming the economy» is still not a specialized economical and mathematical publication, the use of mathematical methods has to be reasonable and has to be used to explain something, not as the main discussion point.

  • Tell me, please, does the author from the CIS countries (for example, Ukraine) have a chance to be published in your journal?

Answer: Any author has a chance regardless of where he lives or his academic title. Everything depends on the quality of the material that we receive. We have a special section for those materials called «Economics in the CIS»

  • Where can the journal be purchased from?

Answer: The journal is circulated through subscription through a catalog of Rospechat (the code of the journal is 36297).